I am a lawyer licensed to practice in Canada, and am a member of the Law Society of Ontario and the Law Society of Alberta. My professional expertise relates to commercial litigation, with a particular focus on confidential information and trade secrecy law. I also hold a strong personal interest in the legal nuts and bolts of the data economy, including technology law, privacy and data governance, and transactional matters relating to informational assets.

I practised law in a national firm and litigation boutique environment before receiving the Graduate Fellowship in Law & Innovation to research my interest in secret and confidential information at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. My research compared the commercialization of information as an asset which ownership rights could be structured or traded among private actors to the enforceability of claims through the civil litigation system.

As a commercial litigator, I have a demonstrable record of winning trials and hearings at both the superior court and court of appeal levels. I have obtained clients extraordinary remedies such as injunctions and Anton Piller (civil search) orders, including order enforcement and contempt proceedings. In addition to breach of confidence matters, I have significant experience relating to contractual interpretation, shareholder disputes, fraud and fraudulent conveyance of assets, and insolvency.

For further details, please see my LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/craig-aitken.